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National pass or regional pass?

Hi, it is sooo confusing... should i buy the regional JR passes or National JR pass? I need to access Tokyo to Nikko / Tokyo to Hakone / Tokyo to Kyoto / Kyoto to Nara / Kyoto to Osaka / Kyoto to Tokyo. Please advise if JR Pass covers all those routs and which pass to buy - Regional or National? Thanks, Renata


  • JR can take you to all those places except Hakone. For there, you can use a Hakone Free Pass.
  • Useful information thanks Tenjin
  • I am confused by all the apparent options available in selecting a rail pass. I will be travelling from Haneda to Tokyo, to Kyoto, to Okayama, to Hiroshima, to Okayama. I'm looking for advice as to what pass would be best. Thanks.
  • First, it's better to start a new thread and not piggyback your question on someone else's.

    You need to give more info. How much time are you spending in each place? Are you returning to Tokyo?
  • which station is fastest from kansai airport to dotonbori
  • edited March 2017
    im planning to purchase regional kansai wide area ,what is the top places to visit flowers and gardens ?
  • For Dotonbori, you can go straight to Namba Stn. Pointless going to Dotonbori in the day though. Nighttime is when you should go.

    For gardens in the area, there are lots.
    Nagai Botanical Garden (Osaka)
    Kyoto Botanical Garden
    Murin-An (Kyoto)
    Korakuen (Okayama City)
    Handayama (Okayama City)
    Ritsurin (Takamatsu)
    Kobe City Arboretum
    Nunobiki Herb Garden
    Rokkō Alpine Botanical Garden (Kobe)
    Kitayama Botanical Garden (Hyogo)
    Kokoen (Himeji)

    Plus many temples in Kyoto also have gardens
    Tenryuji (Arashiyama)
    Shugakuin Villa
    Katsura Villa
    Shōsei-en (Higashi Honganji)
    Heien Shrine Garden
    Nijo Castle
    ....and a zillion more.
  • Hi Tenjin. You already mentioned that the JR National Pass cannot be purchased by multiple entry visa holders. How about the Nankai Regional Pass, could we purchase it even if we are multiple entry visa holders?
  • Dear All,

    An ultimate repeating question about the famous JR Rail Pass despite all various reply on the Forum. We are going to be base in Tokyo for 7 days and we want to take a pass for 7 days to save at the end. Which one is best as we should like to go in Kyoto and 2 other city with the pass. 3 days round in Tokyo, 1 day in Kyoto and where after with the JR Rail pass and which one?
    Millions thanks in advance for your help
  • hello,
    I will travelling to Tokyo then to Akita, Can I use the same JR pass for JR line in tokyo and took shinkansen to Akita ? give me some advise. thank you.
  • Hrainfroy-
    It's all up to your interests. You should not miss Nara though, and Himeji has the country's finest castle. If you want to really add value, you could take a day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima. Kanazawa is another option.

    Yes you can.
  • Hi
    This is my first trip to tokyo. Kindly advise If I am reaching Haneda at about 10.45pm, what options do I have to get to Shinagawa or Shinjuku. Thanking you in advance
  • As long as it is before midnight, there is no problem with transportation. You can take the Keikyu train or monorail + JR train.

    The other option is the bus.

    Worst case is taking a taxi. But you can still get into Tokyo.
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