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confirming rail pass required

Our April itinerary is:
Tokyo - Kanazawa (on the new shinkansen service)
Kanazawa - kyoto
Kyoto - Tokyo

Is a JR Pass required or would a regional pass be applicable?


  • Hi,

    You would indeed have to purchase the ordinary JR Pass, as there is not regional pass that covers all three cities. The Central Pass would allow you to travel from Kanazawa to Kyoto, but there is no regional pass from Kyoto to Tokyo.

    Kind regards,

    Japan Experience

  • Thank you. We will purchase a 7 day Green JR Pass.
    On the Tokoyo-Kanazawa Shinkansen it is possible upgrade our ticket to do the GranClass. Do we pay the difference in cost at time of booking our seat.
    Regards. Dory
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