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juniko station

1. with my JR pass, can I take the Resort Shirakami 2 from Aomori station
to Juniko station? (it seem to be a special train)

2. from Juniko station, how can i go to Oiake pond? (blue pond) are there buses there? what is their schedule. going in mid october.

Thank you


  • 1. Yes.
    2. As you can see on:
    you can essentially walk it - there are many small sights to see. Together, it makes a good outing.
  • 1. No (Resort Shirakami is not operated from October)
    1.1. but you can take the normal train too, it's very scenic too, I loved that ride

    2. you can either walk, see map from tenjins post (I recommend it) or take the cute local bus that takes a round trip
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