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Rail Pass and Work Visa

I will be in Japan for 8 weeks on a work visa. My wife will be with me on a tourist visa. We are US citizens and will always be traveling together. My understanding is that she is eligible for a Japan Rail Pass but I am not. Is this correct? Am I eligible for any of the regional passes? Does it make any sense for her to have one type of pass and me another? Finally, should we just wait until we are in Japan to buy any passes. I know there is a savings to buying the Japan Rail Pass overseas, but given our uncertainty should we wait? Thanks.


  • HI,
    Your understanding is correct - she can get the Japan Rail Pass but you cannot. The only regional pass you can get is the Tokyo Wide Pass.
    In fact, if you'll be in the Tokyo area, you can use several over your 8 weeks and see a large number of very good places.

    As for only one of you having a pass, it makes sense if she travels enough to save money on one. You can check on:

    And if you're only doing the well-worn Tokyo-Kyoto round trip for a week, the japanican ticket is a much better deal for her.

    As long as you are definitely going to travel, there is no reason to buy a rail pass in Japan.
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