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JR National Pass TimeFrame


I messaged the website contact asking when my pass would expire if I exchanged the voucher in Japan for the 7 day pass at 6PM on Saturday 09/23. The response was I could use it until 1159PM on Saturday 09/30.

However I just read that the 7 days starts day 1 on the day you exchange, regardless of time. This means if I exchange at 6PM on Saturday 09/23, I could only use 7 day pass until 1159PM on Friday 09/29.

Which is it?

Also, when would a 14 day pass expire if I exchange at 1PM on Sunday 09/24?

Thank you.


  • Hi,
    For the JR Pass, a day of use starts and ends at midnight.
    So if you activate it to use it that day at 6 PM, your first "day" is just 6 hours long. If you activate your pass with Sept. 23 as the first day, the last day of use is the end of Sept. 29.
    As a technical point, if you're riding the train at midnight when the pass expires, that is fine as long as you keep riding to your destination and don't get off. Nearly every train in Japan stops running just before or after midnight.

    You can also exchange your order for the pass and designate a future date to start on it - so for example to start using your pass from the earliest train possible (sometimes departing before the office even opens) or to leave from another station where you can't exchange your order for the pass, you can set the first day as tomorrow, or 3 days from today, or whenever up to a month in advance. Please note that the exchange order must be turned in for the pass within three months of the date the order was issued. So if you want to start using the pass in mid-Dec, you should not buy the exchange order until after the middle of September.
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