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Is JR Pass valid in Shikoku

Could you please tell me if JR Pass is valid on trains and trams in Shikoku? I will be travelling between Imabari to Matsuyama (Ehime) to Takahama (Ehime). Hyperdia tells me to take LTD. EXP SHIOKAZE 7 from Imabari to Matsuyama and then tram Iyotetsu Takahama line. Would this be all included in JR Pass ?

Also what about the buses and trams in Matsuyama. Will they be included in JR Pass?


  • Hi,

    Of course you can use the JR Pass in Shikoku. It's valid across Japan. You can also use it on the JR Miyajima ferry and local (but not highway) JR buses. It does *not* cover city subways, nearly all non-JR lines, street cars and other buses.
    The Shiokaze is covered by the pass, not the tram.

    Hope that helps.
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