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Best route to get to Oirase Stream from Narita

Hi: I want to go to Oirase stream for koyo in first week of November. What is the best trains on JR rail pass to take from Narita and the best place to stay the night near Oirase stream? Is first week of Nov. too late for autumn colors at Oirase?


  • Hi,
    The 1st week of November typically is the latter half of the autumn colors season there, so you can still see some good colors. The earlier in November you can go, the better it is likely to be.
    There is no rail access all the way to the stream. You can take the Narita Express train into Tokyo, then take a bullet train up to Hachinohe.

    A JR East Tohoku Area Pass can save you money:

    More info is here:
  • Thank you. Is Hachinohe the best place to spend the night or is there a bigger place with hotels etc.? Thanks again.
  • Hachinohe is the closest big city with around 230,000 people. If you wanted to spend the night in the region, you could walk the Oirase, then stay at a hotel near Lake Towada. Many are upper scale resort places though.
    If you want some cheap yet clean and decent places, there is a Superhotel in Towada City and next to Hachinohe Station there is a Toyoko Inn.
  • Tenjin San:
    You know everything. Thank You.

  • One more question. I will be reaching Hachinoe on Nov. 2 and I want to go to the Oirase stream on morning of Nov. 3. How do I find out if the buses are still running? Can I get on and off the bus for the same fare or do I have to pay each time? Is there a tourist office at Hachinoe? Thank you for your help.
  • There are buses running every day. Hachinohe is a major station so you should have no trouble finding a tourist info office.
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