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Luggage Forward Toyama/Tateyama until 10Nov!

Hi please help!
After planning so much then just realise that Tateyama Kurobe Route luggage forward service is only until 10 Nov!

& our plan to travel Tateyama Kurobe Route is on 11 Nov! :(

So how do we forward our luggage either from Toyama/Tateyama to Shinano Omachi or Nagano station??

our plan prefer stay a nite in Tateyama so we could start the route early next day. But we can change to stay in Toyama if necessary.

We just need luggage service to help transport the luggage on same day, so that we can pick up luggage at Nagano (the best), if not Shinano Omachi

Because from Nagano we will take train back to Tokyo on same day 11 Nov.

Our luggage is small hard case can bring up airplane, cabin type : 36cm (length) x 53cm (height) x 25cm (width)

Thanks! appreciate your advise! if not we have to change our plan again & again & I am lost!


  • Hi,
    This may or may not help you, but the only other alternative I can think of is a takuhaibin service by for example Yamato Transport.
  • Hi I check think luggage can only reach next day which we can't wait! :(
  • so we will bring along our small luggage with us to Tateyama Kurobe Route, heard there is locker in each station or we could just walk with it should be fine since we have no other choice! :neutral:
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