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No bus from Shirakawa-go to Takayama on 10 Nov?

Hi there, I have checked Shirakawa-go no yu has room on 9 Nov so we plan to stay a nite there.

Now my problem is I check www.japanbusonline.com there is no bus out of Shirakawa-go to Takayama on 10 Nov (we check out on 10Nov)?

I thought transport is for both way :( ??

Then how do we travel out of Shirakawa-go to Takayama on 10 Nov?

If no bus out of Shirakawa, we can't even visit this place which we very much want to :(


  • Hi,
    For some reason, I can't even access that www.japanbusonline.com, nor can I find any reason why there would be no bus service on Nov 10.
    There are generally frequent bus departures every day.

    I suggest you contact the place you plan to stay at and have them ask, or else contact Nohi Bus directly and find out what is happening.
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