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Purchase of regional Kansai Area Pass at Kansai Airport


  • Hi,
    What's your question exactly?

    Yes, you can buy it at KIX. But unless you do a lot of long distance travel with it, such as to Hikone and Himeji, it is hard to make it pay off.
  • Dear Tenjin San,

    We are a family of 6 adults arriving at 0540 AM at Kansai airport on 05 Nov.
    We are planning to proceed to Hemiji after keeping our luggage at Osaka station on landing at Kansai Airport and thereafter go to Kyoto to our hotel by evening.
    We intend to purchase the Pass at Kansai airport on arrival.
    Please advise where and how to purchase the said Pass at Kansai Airport and also the timings.


  • Hi,
    Well, a one day Kansai Area Pass from KIX to Himeji and back to Kyoto would pay off well for you. I don't understand about the luggage though. So you want to use a locker in Osaka Station, then go to Himeji, return to Osaka, pick up your luggage, and then go to Kyoto? It is possible, but it wastes some time. From KIX you might look at some delivery services called takuhaibin that can take your bags to your hotel - probably the same day, but be sure to confirm that.

    For Himeji, be sure not to miss the Kokoen Garden next to the castle. If you want to make Himeji a full day trip, there is also Mt. Shosha.

    If you have not seen all the info on the Kansai Area Pass yet, please read:
    You can get the pass at the Tourist Info Center in the airport, or if you make prior payment and reservations, at the JR office at the airport. The Tourist Info Center in Terminal 1 opens at 7 AM.

    You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia.

    Remember please that from KIX you can take the Haruka Limited Express Train (non-reserved seating only) but otherwise with the pass you cannot ride other limited express trains and no bullet trains with it.
  • Dear Tenjin San,

    Thanks a lot!

    Regards and best wishes,

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