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Dear all

May I seek your advice on my trip as follows:
4 Nov: Arrive Narita -> train to Tokyo. Visit Tokyo
5 Nov: Train to Nikko. Train back to Tokyo
6 Nov: visit Tokyo
7 & 8 Nov: working in Tokyo
9 Nov: train to Kyoto
10 Nov: visit Kyoto
11 Nov: Train to Himeji then to Osaka
12 Nov: to Kansai airport

Please advise me
1. if the schedule is tight? (I travel with my mom who is 70 years old)
2. Should I buy the JR pass 7 day?

Thanks and best regards


  • Hi,
    If you use the bullet train to go to Nikko as well as Himeji, then together with the one way trip to Kyoto you do make a 7 day pass worth it. But you would get even better value if you switched your plans for Nov 5 & 6, then use the 7 day pass for Nov 6-12. Then you can also take the Haruka train to KIX.
    One question comes up though on "working in Tokyo". You must be on a tourist visa or landing permit (Temporary Visitor) to be able to use the pass.

    Your plans don't look too busy, although 2 days in Kyoto are too short. If you want a cheaper way into Tokyo from Narita, there is the 1000 yen bus.
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