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Kyoto to Kurokawa Onsen - Can I Use the JR Pass?

Hello. I will be traveling from Kyoto to Kurokawa Onsen on 04/05 Dec.
I have looked at the different websites & I am confused about if I can use the JR Pass.
I would be grateful for an answer or be directed to the correct place to find the answer.
Thank you for your assistance.


  • Hi,
    There is no rail access to Kurokawa Onsen. You need to take a bus or rent a car. You can take the train on the JR pass most of the way though, to Hakata (Fukuoka City), Kumamoto City, or Hita City.

    More info is here:
  • Hello Tenjin, Thank you for your reply.

    I will not be driving so I will be relying on public transport. I have just found the Express Bus from Hakata (Fukuoka City) to Kurokawa Onsen.

    My problem/difficulty is that when I use HyperDia, it shows me that I cannot use the JR Pass from Kyoto Station to Hakata Station (Fukuoka City) - am I not using it correctly?
  • Hi,
    I'm not sure what you are doing with Hyperdia - but you certainly can use the pass to get from Kyoto to Hakata. You will likely need to transfer along the way.

    See this example for yourself:

  • Hello TenJin. Thank you for the HyperDia link. This is what I get as well What is the cost of ¥9,830? I am reading it in addition to using the JR Pass - is this correct?
  • Hi,
    The ¥9830 is the base fare. That with the seat fee makes the total fare. You don't have to pay anything with the pass.
  • Thank you TenJin. Now I understand.
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