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travelling with 4 year old child

we will be travelling with our 4 year old daughter next Feb - march 2018
we know children ticket is from 6 -12 year old, should we buy ticket for our daughter in order to get seat or is it free ( can get seat ) for children under 6 year old ? Thank you


  • For most transport, it is free. So as long as there is an empty seat next to you, your kid can sit there. But if you have a crowded train or bus, especially with reserved seating, your child may have to sit on your lap.
    February is generally not a busy time though. Personally I wouldn't buy an extra ticket, but it is up to you.
  • thank you for the advise.cheers
  • I’ve never travelled with kids anywhere other than Japan so I have no comparative reference. Further, my wife is Japanese and I’ve spent much of my adult life in Japan so we were both operating in an environment we were familiar with.

    The first problem I can imagine is the sheer number of people on the move using public transportation so i suggest you to buy tickets anyway.

    The second problem is how do you reunite with your kids if you get separated and neither you nor they speak Japanese.

    Some foreign wives in Japan have said that the Japanese expectation for keeping kids under control in public spaces is greater than their (typically American) expectation and this leads to friction with their Japanese spouse.

    Do a Google search or read some info from https://www.mothersandmore.org/kids/survive-traveling-with-children/ to get some tips and personal experience stories.
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