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JR national Pass

1. If I arrive NRT airport on Monday but not going to use the JR pass until
Tuesday. Can I change my JR pass and Wednesday Shinkansen ticket on Monday?

2. If I traveling from A to C and need to transfer at B station, A to B is Toyko Metro Line, B to C is JR Line.... Do I enter A station by JR pass or Suica card?
Do I need to get out and re-enter at B station?


  • Hi,
    There are a number of possible misconceptions here.
    When you change your voucher into the pass, you can set a future date as your first day - your first day does not have to be the day you activate your pass.
    Once this is done however, you cannot make any changes on it.

    You cannot use the JR Pass for city subways - if you use the subways, you need to pay for them separately (or use a Suica card as you mentioned). The subway is not related to JR at all - so you need to exit the subway station, and enter the JR station when you transfer.

    Hope that helps.
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