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Does the JR Pass work for this itinerary?

27th: Shinjuku -> Liyama
29th: Liyama -> Takayama
31st: Takayama -> Nagoya
2nd: Nagoya -> Osaka


  • Tokyo -> Lima: Hokuriku Shinkansen
    Liyama -> Toyama: Hokuriku Shinkansen
    Toyama -> Takayama: JR Hida
    Takayama -> Nagoya: JR Hida
    Nagoya -> Osaka: Tokaido Shinkansen
  • What do you mean by "work"?
    Can you use a JR Pass for all those routes? Yes. Will a JR Pass pay off for them? No. You are still a bit short. But in your case, since you are traveling during one of the peak seasons of the year when getting seat reservations are a wise precaution (and are a free perk with the pass), you are close enough to breaking even that the convenience of having one would in my view make it worthwhile.

    So if I were you, I'd do it - and as soon as you activate the pass in Japan, make as many seat reservations as you can for all your train rides. It may make things tougher sticking to a strict schedule, but it is better than standing on trains for hours or being forced to take the earliest train in the morning.
    You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia.
    Under "More Options", be sure to uncheck the Nozomi box since you can't ride that train using the pass.

    You should also check the webpages of everywhere you plan to go - many places will be closed at the end/start of the year. For food, convenience stores will still be open though. You can also use the 7-11 ATM machines to get yen.
    You can also see what Japanese money looks like at

    Note that you can not use 1 or 5 yen coins in vending machines and phones.

    By the way, it is "Iiyama", not "Liyama".
  • Thanks for replying.

    I am not quire sure what you mean by the JR pass will not pay off for them? I thought those routes are included in the Pass? The pass costs $330AUD, and i checked if i were to buy tickets for each of the routes separately, they come up over $400AUD.

    So i can book more than one seat for a route? Is that what you're saying?
  • Hi,
    If you are one person, with one ticket or pass, you can have one seat.
    As I said, the routes are all covered. I am not sure how you calculated the total costs of all your legs. But using the lowest possible fare (adult, unreserved seat), this is what hyperdia gives me:
    Shinjuku-Iiyama: ¥7900
    Iiyama-Takayama: ¥8420
    Takayama-Nagoya: ¥5510
    Nagoya-Osaka: ¥5830

    Total: ¥27660 JR Pass cost (ordinary, 7 day) ¥29110
    I don't know what the converted amount in AUD is - the exchange rates change every day. Normally I'd say you'd be better off just getting regular fare tickets. BUT the time you are traveling is the end/start of the year, which can get extremely crowded for some routes, and in this case, I strongly advise you to get the seat reservations. They are free with the pass. If you bought regular fare tickets with the seat reservations, I calculate they'd total ¥31260, so actually you'd just barely break even getting the pass. And even in case you'd still fall a bit short, I'd probably get the pass anyway myself just for the convenience of not having to buy tickets at every stop.

    Hotel reservations can be hard to get or expensive as well during your trip time, so it would be good if you already have that taken care of.

    I hope this is clearer now.

  • Ahh... i see. Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense now.
  • Are these fares usually the same price throughout the year? or these prices are actually expensive? And is my route usual route or kind of weird? Lol. I just randomly planned my trip and that's how it ended up before i realised the routes are a bit odd and expensive...
  • Fares don't really change.
    The routes are perfectly fine. Iiyama is a rare choice - usually for people going to Nozawa Onsen to ski. Someday I would like to go to Iiyama to see the Nanohana Festival
    but it takes place during Golden Week (end of April-1st week of May) and that is another frenzied peak travel season.

    In the future, if you have the same question, there is a quick and dirty calculator you can use at:
    but it only works for more popular places - your route this time is too much off the beaten path.

    Bon voyage.
  • Thanks TenJin, for your helpful guide.
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