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Hakuba to Kyoto

Is the complete journey from Hakuba to Kyoto covered with a JR Pass. Including the Shinkansen hikari ?


  • No.
    You must take a bus to get to Nagano. Then you can take JR trains the rest of the way with the pass.
  • So the train from Hakuba to Shinano-Omachi to Ariake to Matsumoto to Nagoya to Kyoto is not covered by JR pass ?
  • No, it is covered. You are referring to a different route than what I suggested, but you could go either way. You can take a train as you mentioned. There are some limited express trains with fewer stops, but you need to time it right.
  • Would you suggest purchasing Suica card ?
    Would it cover the following train trips and if so how much should I load the cards with for each adult, as we are leaving from Osaka and would not be able to get a refund for any unused credit.

    Day 1 Hakuba to Kyoto,
    Day 2 Kyoto,
    Day 3 Kyoto to Osaka (Universal City) return
    Day 4 Kyoto
    Day 5 Kyoto to Osaka / Osaka / Osaka to Kansai Airport

    Although purchasing a JR pass would make train travel much easier it is not beneficial to us. I am trying to make the process of buying tickets at the station as easy as possible and thought the Suica card may help ? Or is it fairly simple to purchase the tickets at the station with a credit card ?
  • The Suica is one of many IC cards you can use. And you could use it for all the routes you mention, but since it's a Tokyo area card, you could not refund any balance in Osaka or KIX.

    You could use a credit card if you go in the JR office. But the fares are not much - I wouldn't bother.
  • Thinking of purchasing a 4 day Kansai area pass.

    1 - Kyoto
    2 - Kyoto - Osaka - Universal Studios - Osaka - Kyoto
    3 - Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto
    4 - Kyoto - Osaka - Kansai Airport.

    Will the pass get me around all of these locations and will it work out best value ? or is it still better to pay as you go.
  • For your plans, it simply would not pay off.
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