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Which pass to buy, my Itinerary is as follow;

22-25 Tokyo
26 Osaka
27 Kobe
28 Kyoto
29 Nara
30 Kyoto→Go back to Tokyo

question is which pass to get?


  • You'd still be slightly short to make a 7 day pass pay off. But the difference is not much.
    The alternative is getting a japanican ticket.
    It's considerably cheaper and faster, and while it doesn't cover the trips between cities in Kansai, the fares aren't much and you still come out ahead.
  • Hi Tenjin, i can get pass on 24th so i could use it whole 7 days till 30th ? I will be traveling from tokyo to osaka then kyoto and other places.
    what you mean by slightly short ?
  • Hi,
    Yes, if you start using the pass on the 24th you could use it til the end of the 30th.
    What I meant is that with the itinerary you listed, you are still a bit short of the cost of the 7 day pass. The japanican ticket would be a better buy in that case. But if you have other travels to add, the JR pass might save you more, depending on your plans.
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