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7 day + Flexi or 21 day rail pass

Hi, Can you please advise me on the cheapest rail pass I should get for my itinerary below

1. Tokyo to Morioka 20th March
2. Morioka to Tokyo 25th March
3. Tokyo to Hiroshima 29th March
4. Hiroshima to Osaka 31st March
5. Osaka to Kyoto 2nd April
6. Kyoto to Tokyo 5th April

Thank you


  • Hi,
    You'd do better with the 7 day + JR East Tohoku Area Pass if they fit your schedule - but they don't. If you used a 7 day pass from Mar 29th, your final day would be Apr 4th.

    So the 21 day pass is your only choice, unless you're willing to change your schedule.

    Best regards.
  • Thanks for your help :)
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