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Can't use it on all trains

The JR Pass was great except you cannot use it on Nozomi bullet trains from Tokyo. Sometimes there were 5 or 6 Nozomi Shinkansens an hour but only 1 train we could catch and had some long waits. It also is NOT valid on the Tokyo Monorail which was very inconvienient as were staying in Odiba and had to pay for the monorail everytime we left our hotel costing us (3 people) about 11000 yen in 5 days


  • What you say about the Nozomi is quite correct.
    As for the "Tokyo Monorail", it IS valid on the monorail from Haneda Airport into Tokyo (and is one of the few exceptions of being able to take a non-JR train). Other monorails are not covered though, nor city subways or virtually all non-JR trains.
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