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I will travel from osaka NIX to osaka city center. after 2 days in osaka will go to Kyoto for 2 days again and from there to Tokyo for 3 days.
I am confused. Can I use JR pass from osaka airport to city center for example? There are many alternatives and don't know which are accepting JR pass and which not. according to my itineary please let me know how I can do this whole trip with JR pass. thanks.


  • Hi,
    I presume you meant landing at KIX.
    You can use the JR Pass to go to Osaka - although there is more than one "city center". JR passes can be used on JR lines of course, but generally speaking not on non-JR lines and never on city subways.

    You may not be giving your full itinerary, but if you are only going one way from Osaka to Tokyo, you would lose money on a JR Pass - you'd need more travel like several long distance side trips to at least break even.
  • sorry... it was KIX :) thanks for detailed info.
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