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JR Namba in Osaka

I am staying at the Sheraton Miyako Osaka Hotel. I believe that the closest JR station is Tsuruhashi on the Osaka loop. I would like to go from Tsuruhashi to JR Namba. What is the best route? Also, how long is the walk from JR Namba to Dotonbori and other shopping areas in Namba?


  • Hope to use only JR lines. Thank you.
  • Hi,
    You could do it - you are correct that Tsuruhashi is the closest JR station - but it would be going to JR-Namba in a very roundabout way - taking 16 minutes and requiring you to change trains at Imamiya Station. If you take the subway from Tanimachi Kyuchome to Namba, it's just 3 minutes, and about 2 minutes on foot due north straight to Dotonbori. From JR-Namba it's about 10 minutes on foot to Dotonbori.

    From Dotonbori it's easy to find the shopping street. You can see them anytime in the day until about 8 PM, but Dotonbori is only really good at night.
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    Under "More Options", be sure to uncheck the Nozomi box if on a JR Pass since you can't ride that train using the pass.

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    Best wishes.
  • I understand that the Sheraton is right above the Uehommachi station on the Kintetsu line. Would it be better to take the Kintetsu line to Osaka Namba Station then walk to Dotonbori?
  • Better than the JR route? Yes. Better than the subway? About the same.
  • Thank you--That helps a lot.
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