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JR pass Tokyo- Mt Fuji- Kyoto- Nagano- Tokyo


Here is our planned itinerary.
Will the JR pass cover all these places??

Do we need to change city orders???

28 Tokyo airport
29 Tokyo
30 Tokyo
1 Tokyo
2 Mt Fuji
3 Kyoto
4 Kyoto
5 Kyoto
6 Kyoto
7 Nagano
8 Nagano
9 Nagano
10 Tokyo
11 Tokyo
12 home Flight PM


  • Hi,
    You need to specify by Mt Fuji whether you will be going to the Fuji 5 Lakes area or the Hakone area. Either way, a JR Pass can only at best take you part way there.
    For Hakone, the Loop Course is a common way to see all the sights and takes a full day.

    The problem though is that you don't travel enough to make a 7 or 14 day pass pay off, and your travel time is over 7 days, making a 7 day pass insufficient.
  • Hello,

    At Mt Fuji we will be staying near the Fujisan train station

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    Then you can use a JR Pass only up to Otsuki Stn - after that you need to pay for the Fujikyu train (55 minutes, ¥1140). the rest of the way.
    After that, you can either return to Otsuki and use your pass the rest of the way, or to save some time you can buy a bus ticket to go to either Mishima or Odawara Stn and then start using your pass on the bullet train to Kyoto.

    In the Fuji 5 Lakes area there are also some discount tickets to get around - look at the bottom of
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