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Shinkansen for a sector?


I'll be staying in Shinjuku for a week and plan to do an overnight in Kawaguchiko and a day trip to Nikko.

Hoping to get a Tokyo Wide Pass to cover this in 3 days. Do you think it's feasible?

Can I possibly take the shinkansen on just 1 of the sectors, just for the experience? Preferably on the Tokyo-Nikko leg.

Appreciate your advice, thank you.


  • Hi,
    Yes, it's easily done. You can take the bullet train to Utsunomiya from Tokyo or Ueno Stn. Be sure not to board any Hayabusa or Komachi trains however - you'd need to pay extra.
    There is a limited express from Shinjuku Station though which you could also take on the Tokyo Wide Pass, but it does not use the bullet train.
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