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Hi, im going to hokkaido on 29/4/18. Not sure is worth for me to buy a JR Rail Pass. My Itinerary as below:-
Day 1: Sapporo
Day 2: Sapporo - Hakodate
Day 3: Hakodate
Day 4: Hakodate - Noboribetsu
Day 5: Noboribetsu - Sapporo
Day 6: Sapporo - Otaru - Sapporo
Day 7: Sapporo - Furano (not sure yet...Furano do have any flower to see on that time)

If i buy JR rail pass, how do i reserve the train seat? or can i just take the train showing the pass without reserve the train seat? Please advise.


  • Hi,
    Why would you look at a full JR Pass when you are only in Hokkaido? A Hokkaido Rail Pass should be what you are looking at.

    By my calculations, you barely break even on a 7 day Hokkaido Rail Pass if you take the trip to Furano. Otherwise, you don't travel enough for any rail pass.
    Flowers start from May, so you'd be a bit too early for Furano. You could see something, but nothing like you're expecting.

    With the Hokkaido Rail Pass, seat reservations are free.
  • Thank for the reply. May i know can i purchase JR Ltd Exp Super Hokuto train ticket (Sapporo to Hakodate) tru online? Or i only can purchase tru ticket machine on the travel date itself?
  • Hi,
    As that is run by JR Hokkaido, I'm not aware of any way to purchase the ticket outside Japan.
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