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Tokyo to Kagoshima

Would the JR pass allow me to take Shinkansen all the way from Tokyo to Kagoshima?

Also, From Tokyo to My. Fuji?

Thank you.


  • Yes to Kagoshima.
    There is no bullet train to Fuji. At best you can go to Odawara, and then take a bus or train to your final destination.
    You can see schedules, routes, etc on
  • Thank you Tenjin. I was a little confused about the pass getting me down to Kagoshima. It looks like I can take bullet there but only certain trains. If anyone knows if that is correct please let me know.
  • Hi,
    You cannot take the Nozomi or Mizuho bullet trains, but others are fine.
    I suggest you avoid the Kodama trains though, which stop at every single bullet train station. Hikari or Sakura trains are good.

    Honestly though, if I were you, I'd consider flying. With the best connection, taking the train would take just over 7 hours.
    You could fly for dirt cheap in about 2 hours with something like ANA's Experience Japan Fare.
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