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What is the best pass for my itinerary next month

I will be travelling
June 27 - Tokyo to Kanazawa (overnight in Kanazawa)
June 28 - Kanazawa - Tokayama - Shirakawa-Go (overnight in Shirakawa-go)
June 29 - Shirakawa-Go to Kyoto. 3 nights in Kyoto. We may take a day trip to Naoshima or Osaka or Kurashiki from Kyoto

July 2 - Kyoto to Koyasan (overnight Koyasan)

July 3 - Koyasan to Tokyo.

July 5 - Day trip from Tokyo to Yokohama

What is the best pass for us to get? Thank you.


  • Hi,
    Your travels would make a 7 day pass pay off, but your travels are over 7 days.
    If you don't lengthen your plans, there is no JR pass that can pay off for you, so paying regular fare tickets would be the way to go.
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