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Need help with JR Pass Itinerary and trip

Please help me,

I have not booked the hotels yet, I’m trying to figure out if I should go to Hokkaido first then Tokyo/Kyoto or should go to Hokkaido last. I just don’t know how long is the ride from Tokyto to Hokkaido. And the most important is which JR pass should I buy 7 days or 14 days.

This is my plan for 10 days

07/06 – Arrive at Narita Airport afternoon

07/07 – 07/09 – 3 days in Tokyo.
1 day will visit Hakone using free pass.

07/10 – 07/13 – Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto.
07/11 - Visit Hiroshima
07/12 – Visit Nara
07/13 – Leaving to Hokkaido

7/14 – 7/16 – 3 days at Hokkaido

7/17 – Going back to Tokyo, my flight leaving Tokyo at 5pm.

Thank you very much


  • Hi,
    You don't say where in Hokkaido - but if Sapporo or beyond, getting there will take over 8 hours from Tokyo - it will kill so much of your valuable time.
    You can fly there cheaply from Tokyo to Sapporo in just 90 minutes though, and there are some very cheap airfares you can use.


    You would get very good savings on a 7 day rail pass if you go from Tokyo to Kansai & Hiroshima and return within 7 days.
  • Thank you for your advice. For Hokkaido, I would like to go to Sapporo. I will look into the flight option
  • Hi I need Help:) what pass should i get?

    My plan: friday arrive NRT - stay for 3 nights. On monday ging for osaka another 3 nights. What is the best train pass?

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    First, it's better to start a new thread and not piggyback your question on someone else's.
    The next question is if that is your whole plan or not. Are you returning to Tokyo? If not, no rail pass can help you.
    If you are, then you might consider getting the 7 day JR Pass, or the japanican ticket.
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