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Lockers for Luggages

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I am traveling to Tokyo for 2 days and staying nearing Shijuku station. Thereafter I will be traveling to Gotemba, Kyoto, Nara and Disneyland all via JR train and has plans to return to Tokyo in 7 days. I have 2 Luggages and has plans to keep 1 luggage in Tokyo while I travel to the other states with only 1 luggage. I heard there are lockers at the JR Station at Shinjuku. How much are the charges and can I have the lockers for 7 days?


  • All lockers are emptied at the end of the day. To collect your items, you will have to pay a fee. Here's some great information on lockers in Japan:

  • Thanks for the info. It seems that the locker staff will empty all lockers after 3 days. If that is true how am I going to safekeeping my luggage for 7 days? Can anyone affirm if this is correct and is there any other recommendation? Thanks in advance.
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    The length of time depends on the station or service. Rail Go Service at Tokyo Station seems like the best bet. They are located at the first exit from the Yaesu South gate on the first floor. They have a maximum of 15 days for luggage. There is information here: http://www.tokyoinfo.com/guide/faq/faq004/faq011.html (unfortunately it's in Japanese).

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks Japan Experience for the info.

    I will be staying near to Shinjuku station and to safekeep 01 luggage at Tokyo station is a little far if I am not wrong. Is there any locker service near Shinjuku station? Your advise will be very helpful. I look forward hearing from you.

    Another question, is it true that the locker stuff will emptied all lockers every 3 days?
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    Unfortunately I've been unable to find anything near Shinjuku, I think Tokyo Station would be your best bet. From Shinjuku you can take the JR Yamanote line from Shinjuku to Tokyo. They do clear out the lockers when they say they will, which varies on the service.

    Sorry we've been unable to help more.

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    Japan Experience
  • Im planning to visit Japan in October and i need a luggage storage for 5 days. Do the Rail Go Service at Tokyo Station still operating? I do research but i cant any information about the rail go service. Thanks
  • Hi SLV,

    As far as we know the service is still operating. There is no information in English about it but according to comments found on Japanese websites, the service still seems to be being offered as of this month!

    Japan Experience
  • Its pretty hard for travellers like us to move around with lot of bags. Well, I can suggest you to use LuggageBaggageNinja for keeping your luggage on the way in Tokyo. Some of my friends also told me about them. Seems like this is pretty cool and convenient for online booking service. They have lockers near Tokyo station. I have checked online for details, looks good to me. You can have a look.
  • I am arriving at in the morning at Shinjuku early in the morning aboard a Willer overnight bus from Osaka on October 9, 2017. I plan to leave my luggage and go around Tokyo until the afternoon since I can only check in to my hotel around 2:00pm. Where can I leave my luggage?
  • First, it's better to start a new thread and not piggyback your question on someone else's.

    In many cases, a hotel will store your bags for free if you bring them in on the day you'll check in when it's too early.
    Have you contacted them yet about that?
  • I also found a luggage storage service named 'ecbo cloak'!
    There are many shops you can store your luggages at all over Japan.
    You're able to reserve beforehand online.
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