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Which passes to buy?

I will be staying in Shinjuku for 2 days and will visit the following cities:
I am considering the following passes:
Tokyo Wide Pass 10,000 yen
(NRT - Shinjuku 2,670 yen and Shinjuku - Yokohama 760 yen included with Tokyo Wide Pass)
Nikko Pass 2000 yen
Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass 1,470 yen
Enoshima 1-Day Passport 1,970
Option 1
Nikko Pass 2,000
Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass 1,470 yen
NRT - Shinjuku 2,670 yen
Shinjuku - Yokohama 760 yen
Total: 6,900
Option 2
Tokyo Wide
Are my calculations correct?
Are there any surcharges on the Nikko Pass from Shinjuku JR Station to Tobu Nikko Station?
Or do I have start my trip from Asakusa?
Are there any surcharges on the Tokyo Wide Pass from Shinjuku JR Station to Kamakura and Enoshima?


  • For the Tokyo Wide Pass, you might look here for your answers:
    Please note that the Enoden for Enoshima is not included (it is not JR or an included exception).
    Also why you would be getting both the Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass as well as the Enoshima 1-Day Passport does not make sense - they are redundant.
    Another option you might consider instead of the Tokyo Wide Pass is the Greater Tokyo Pass.

    For the Nikko Pass, you can't use it from Shinjuku Stn.
    There are no surcharges on the TWP for what you mention, but you can't ride the bullet train or Enoden trains in that area with it.
    If you are unaware of it, there is also the 1000 yen bus from Narita.
    So choose the methods of travel that serve you the best.
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