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Valid Lines on JR Pass

Which lines are valid in Tokyo under JR Pass
I have booked Ibis Tokyo Bay
Keiyo Line can i use under JR pass
Can i get list of Lines which are valid in JR Pass in Tokyo


  • Thanks for advice
  • Hi,
    The JR lines are valid. Aside from that, the Haneda monorail is one non-JR exception you can use the pass with. But you can't use it on city subways or other rail companies like Odakyu, Seibu, etc.
    The Keiyo Line is a JR line and you can use it to go to Tokyo though.

    You don't give your whole itinerary, however. Are you traveling long distance? If not, the full JR Pass is a terrible waste of money. You can use this calculator to check:

    You can also check routes, fares, and schedules on Hyperdia.
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