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Itinerary - will 14 day JR pass be enough?

Hi there.

We will be going to Japan for 3 weeks. Our rough plan is as follows:


7-12: Tokyo
12-14: Osaka
14 -15: Kanazawa
15-17: Takayama (day trip to Shirakawa-go)
17-23: Kyoto (will probably also do a day trip to Nara as well)
23-25: Hiroshima
25-27: Fujikawaguchiko
27-29: Tokyo

I am planning on taking the bus from Fujikawaguchiko back to Tokyo.

Will the 14 day pass be the most cost efficient? Can the itinerary be made more efficient? Should I be spender longer in places?

All help appreciated!


  • Changed it slightly so I'm not going back on myself

    14-16: Kanazawa
    16 -17: Takayama

    Planning on spending the day in shirakawa-go on 16th. Then spend the day in Takayama on 17th before travelling to Kyoto in the evening.

    Would that work?
  • Hi,
    The order definitely needs to be fixed. Takayama is between Kyoto and Tokyo, so going there on the way to Kansai or returning from Kansai makes more sense. A 14 day pass would work well for you, although there is no rail access to shirakawago so you must pay for a bus. And trying to go from Hiroshima to the Fuji 5 lakes in one shot is going to be rather painful.
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