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Any rail pass recommende to optimize travel cost?

Hi there we are traveling in a party of 4, all adults and we are traveling early December 2019

D1 - arrive in Narita and will plan to take train to Tokyo Station
D1 to D4 - spend time in Tokyo, maybe one or two day trips outside Tokyo to catch the splendor of the autumn leaves
D5 - travel to Kyoto by train and overnight in Kyoto
D6 - travel to Nara by train (planning to stop by Uji to visit Byodoin Temple) and then to Nara and overnight in Nara
D7 - travel to Osaka by train and overnight in Osaka
D8 - got Kansas Airport from hotel in Osaka

Is there a tourist rail pass that will be worth checking out, the train tickets seem expensive in Japan.


  • With a one way itinerary like yours, there is no pass that pays off. The only time it might make sense is if the day trips from Tokyo more than make up the difference of a return trip.

    Best regards.
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