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Led High Bay Manufacturers Share Common Lights

Today, Led High bay manufacturers share the classification of lamps.

1. Downlight, can be used as a light wall, the wall requirements are not smooth.

2. Chandelier:
a. A chandelier is installed above the general dining table. It is recommended that the chandelier be 1/3 to 1/2 of the longitudinal length of the table.
b. The installation height of the lamp is about 60cm above the table.

2. Ceiling light.

3. Spotlight: The installation method is direct type, slide type, soft track type, clip type and so on.

4. Wall lamp.

5. Placement lamps.

6. Slide lighting fixtures, suitable for boutiques, clothing stores, hotels, shopping malls, jewelry stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, exhibition venues, etc.

7. Grid fluorescent lamp tray.

8. Outdoor lighting:
a. A halogen halogen lamp for light projection of a small-scale object to be illuminated, and an HID lamp is used when the object to be illuminated is too large.
b. Lamps used in coastal areas must be corrosion resistant.

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