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JR Pass

Hello! Thank you for this forum. Our Tokyo vacation last OCt 31 to Nov. 6 was amazing! Im grateful on your tips, discussions, suggestions - it guided us so well, and helped us save tremendously on our transportation.

God willing, we're planning to go back to Japan, in Hokkaido, next year.

May i ask if JR Pass could be used all throughout Hokkaido?

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

God bless.



  • Hi,
    Glad you had a good trip. The JR Pass can of course be used on the JR lines in Hokkaido. But Hokkaido is very big, and many places are best reached by rental car, if you are up for it. It makes more sense to fly to Hokkaido and see the area (especially on a cheap carrier like Jet Star, Peach, Vanilla Air, or ANA's Experience Japan Fare), rather than kill a full day on trains going up there - unless you're willing to stop off someplace for sightseeing along the way.
    It's also more difficult to make a regional rail pass like the Hokkaido Rail Pass pay off. Ultimately it's up to your itinerary. A Japan Rail Pass is one way to do it, but the JR East South Hokkaido Rail Pass is another possibility, with a lot more flexibility.

    Combined with rental cars for some places and out of pocket rail tickets for short distances, it might work better for you.

    Again, can't say what's best for you - it's up to your plans. You also might look at:

    Just remember that unless you are going to spend a considerable amount of time in Hokkaido, it does take a lot of time going from place to place, so seeing only one part of the island may make a lot more sense.
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