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NEX Tokyo round trip ticket

I need some info about NEX Tokyo round trip ticket from Narita airport to Tokyo station (Narita-Tokyo and Tokyo - Narita)
1. From Tokyo station, should I change train to Shinjuku station?
2. Do this NEX Tokyo round ticket including seat fee?
Thank you.


  • Hello, Benat!

    1. If you don't have any business in Tokyo Station, you can request a N'EX ticket to Shinjuku direct. Just make sure to get on the correct train car at the airport, because not all of them are going to Shinjuku.

    2. The discount price includes the seat fee.
  • Hi,
    If you're doing the N'Ex round trip, then by all means have a look at their discount tickets if you're using them within 14 days.
    For the timetable and the stations it stops at, see:

    BTW, depending on your situation, if you wanted to save more money there is also the 1000 yen bus to Tokyo Stn.
  • Hi Tenjin and Faiyez,

    Thank you for your info. Just want to clarify the meaning of "roundtrip". Is that mean i can go from Narita airport - Tokyo Station and return Tokyo station - Narita airport, all for total 4000 yen? very sorry, I'm totally new for this issue. I wil visit Tokyo on this Dec with my family, just want to make sure everything is clear. Thank you once again.
  • Yes, if you have not read the website, please do so.
  • thank you Tenjin
  • There is no need for you to disembark at Tokyo Station if your destination is Shinjuku. The round-trip offer is also valid for Narita-Shinjuku and Shinjuku-Narita, or you may also only return from Tokyo Station if you wish.
  • dear Faiyez & Tenjin,

    I have read http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/nex_round.html, there is a statement "After boarding the N'EX, passengers may transfer to another JR East train (excluding limited express trains) to any JR East station within the designated Tokyo train area. After exiting a ticket gate, the ticket cannot be used for re-entry."

    What does it mean "After exiting a ticket gate, the ticket cannot be used for re-entry." ? It is a round ticket, right? To get to airport, how can I return to Narita if I cannot entry?

    Thank you
  • Hey!

    What it means is that for instance, if you disembark from the N'EX at Tokyo Station and you exit the JR portion of the station through the ticket gates (instead of transferring straight to a different JR train), the ticket machine will eat up your ticket and you will lose your free chance to use the other train to your final destination.

    When you purchase the N'EX round trip offer, you get tickets for each way.
  • Tokyo is beautiful place to go for trip but i don't have any idea about before reading this discussion thanks to discuss on this topic.because i have plan to trip of Tokyo.

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  • Hallo Tenjiin san ,I want Ask about Round Ticket NEX ,can Use This Ticket For Ride to Shibuya Station perhaps 10 September and Back to Narita Airport in 15 Sept and Reservation in Narita ?
  • Hello Mustafa.

    The JR East website for N'EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket states that the validity period is 14 days. This means that your return trip to the airport could be within 14 days.


    Keep in mind that when you purchase the Round Trip Ticket at Narita, you don't need to immediately reserve your return date, station or departure time. When you return on 15 Sept, you can go to a JR ticket office in Tokyo to make your return reservation.
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