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Osaka (2days)-> Kyoto (3 days)-> Nagoya(2 days) ->Tokyo(3 days) -> Abashiri/Shiretoko (4 days)

I am considering to get the 14 days or 7 days pass for my 14 days trip in Sep in Japan covering from Osaka up to Shiretoko and back to Tokyo to catch a international flight back home. I try to use the JR calculator but there is no drop down list available for either Abashiri or Kushiro. Would appreciate help to ascertain if travelling this route is feasible by JR pass or should I get a domestic flight to Momanbetsu or Kushiro instead.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Kiwiosaka,

    Yes, the JR Pass covers travel to Abashiri and Kushiro. Have you tried using the train timetable website Hyperdia?

    However, note that the travel time from Tokyo to Abashiri is very long - a whole day at least (leaving at 8:20am would get you to Abashiri at 11:00pm). So a domestic flight might be a better option if you want to save on travel time!

    Japan Experience
  • Hi,
    You would be far smarter to fly up to Hokkaido - taking the train would murder 2 whole days going there and back. If you want to see several sights in the Tohoku Region and Hokkaido along the way, taking the train would make a lot of sense. But if you just want to get up to Abashiri or Kushiro, you can get some cheap fares on ANA's Experience Japan Fare
    and fly straight from Osaka to Kushiro. Afterwards, you can fly from Memanbetsu down to Tokyo.
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