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Travelling from Tokyo to Osaka

I am intending on travelling to Tokyo in late September and then heading to Osaka. Do I need to book the train travel whilst booking my Japan trip from Sydney or can I book it in Tokyo for 3 adults ? Also what travel pass do I need if I going to do things in Tokyo ie Disneyland and other iconic places to see. Do I need to buy the travel pass in Sydney or can I buy it in Tokyo and also for Osaka. As someone at work told me that it's cheaper to buy it in Sydney and more expensive if purchased in Japan.
Thank you


  • Hello, Maria!

    I'm assuming you plan to make it a round trip between Tokyo and Osaka by taking the famous bullet train. Currently, there isn't a way to book the route that's intended for visitors from abroad, unless you book a trip through a travel agency (e.g. Japanican).

    Keep in mind, however, that you absolutely don't need to book the train in advance. This applies for nearly every regular service in Japan that accepts seat reservations during most of the year, unless you are looking for a specific departure or seat class, or you're traveling in high season.

    About rail passes. Of course they are recommended for many itineraries, but at the moment I am not necessarily recommending a pass for you. This is because all I know about your plans is that you're going to Osaka and you're hitting some major attractions in Tokyo.

    If you're thinking about a rail pass, you may want to research them a little more to better understand what they're about. This is because the passes all essentially limit your options. For example, on the Tokyo-Shin Osaka route there is a near constant stream of bullet train service, but if you're using the popular JR Pass, you are limited to roughly a departure every half hour. You may want to reserve your seats a day or two in advance.

    Another example. There are really great discount passes for the subway in Tokyo, but using the subway alone cannot take you to the stop for Disney. The pass requires you to stick mostly to subway alternatives and ride enough of it each day to make it pay off.

    I hope you find the information in these links useful as well.



    I do recommend the IC card described there. Keep in mind that buying single tickets for your trip is also an option!
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