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Need help with Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Kyoto itinerary and travel

Hi everyone!

I'm traveling to Japan for about 7 or 8 days...flying from Korea to Japan and then Japan to the USA.

I'm trying to figure out the most efficient and cheapest way to cover Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Kyoto. I'll be back to Japan next year, so I don't need to spend too much time in Tokyo...was thinking a maximum of 2 days. I love mountains and would like to stay somewhere near Mt. Fuji and climb it for sunrise. How many days would you recommend staying near there? 1-2? Then I plan to go to Kyoto for another few days before heading back to Tokyo to catch my flight out. Alternatively I could fly into Osaka and then fly out of Tokyo if that's more efficient and cheaper in terms of train tickets. I don't have much interest in seeing Osaka this time around.

Can anyone help me out with the best and cheapest way to get to these places? Is the JR pass really the best deal for this itinerary?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


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    Hello, Virta!

    Of course, flying into one region of Japan and out of a different one would be the ideal scenario.

    The JR Pass itself could be tricky to make work because the pass doesn't have access to the vicinity of Mt. Fuji. The extra costs will add up. However, there exist a discount pass that includes a round trip by highway bus between the area and Tokyo.

    There are actually a few areas that would count as going to Mt. Fuji, but for the most part it applies to the Five Lakes. You have the option of a) Visiting the area as a round trip from Tokyo with a discount pass, or b) Not backtracking. Cutting through the area to reach the Tokaido Line on your way to Kyoto.

    You should find these links useful to better understand what options you have.


  • Hi,
    The most cost effective way for Japan travel would be to fly from Korea to Osaka, get a one way ticket to Fuji/Tokyo, and fly out of Tokyo. But one way air-tickets are usually quite expensive, so I don't know what airline you are taking and the best and cheapest way to fly.
    You also don't say when you're traveling. Now it is climbing season, but after September you'd need to be an experienced mountaineer with the proper gear to climb Fuji. You'd need at least 2 days if you are going to climb it.

    Seeing Hakone would be a lot easier and save time if you are coming from or going to Kansai. Look at one of the Odakyu passes to save some money.
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