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Does it matter if the last name stands first on the JRP and then the first name?

i was asked to write first my surname and then my first name. on the pass it is also like this. will there be any problems with the order of the name?


  • * when I exchange the document to the real pass
  • Hi Hannafn,

    Your name being printed with your surname first followed by your first name is absolutely fine and will not be a problem in Japan. It's actually the Japanese way to write names surname first.

    But really, as long as the names are spelled correctly and match those in your passport, the name order does not really matter. Please rest assured that your voucher will be considered valid and will be accepted by JR staff in Japan with no issues as long as the first and surnames on the voucher are the same as those in your passport.

    Japan Experience
  • thank you!:)
  • Hi on my voucher my name is listed with my firstname and surname. On my passport my name is with first name middlename and lastname
  • Does this cause any issue? Thanx!
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