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Japan Trip June 3rd - June 18th

June 4th - 11th: Arriving in Tokyo. Staying in Tokyo (Shinjuku District), Travelling around Tokyo
June 11th: Going to visit Mt. Fuji for half the day (Fuji 5 Lakes area or the Hakone area [haven't decided or looked into much details yet of which area to go]) then later on the day head off to Osaka (Umeda District), where I'll be staying and have my hotel booked for 11th-18th
June 11/12th - 14/15th: Osaka to Kyoto. Going back and fourth to visit Kyoto for 2/3 days.
June 14/15th - 18th: Staying in Osaka and flying out from Osaka.

I was thinking of buying a 7 day Pass from 11th - 18th. Where it consists most of my travels throughout Japan. Is it worth buying the JR Pass 7days for those travels?

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  • The short answer is No, not even close. You'd need to do a lot more traveling to make one pay off. But you could do it with a day trip from Osaka to Hiroshima/Miyajima, for example. Or from Tokyo to Sendai.

    Bear in mind also that if you choose to go from the Fuji 5 Lakes area to Osaka, it will take way longer than from Hakone. For getting around the Lakes and a cheap bus to the area, try:
  • Thank you very much and the extra information about the bus for Mt. Fuji
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