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  • Thank you Tenjin - your help and comments have been very much appreciated and helpful and I feel ready for the great adventure! This forum is great!
  • We will be staying near Kuramae station - A17/E11 on the metro map. Keisei/Ueno station is not too far from our final destination but I guess it involves change of metro-lines a couple of times which might be tricky for us and would not be the best…
  • Thank you - yes you are right, Sep23 would be the final day to use the pass - misprint my side :-) Regarding the ticket Narita-Tokyo including a 72 hrs subway ticket I was thinking of this one: http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/ticket/airport_bus/index.ht…
  • Now we have a more detailed travel plan looking like this: day 1, 14 sep - arrival Narita (buy 72 hours subway ticket including ticket airport-city) day 1-3, 14-17sep - exploring Tokyo day 3, 17sep - activate 7 day JRpass and leave for Kyoto (JRpass…
  • Thank you so much Tenjin. This is difficult... we don't want to rush and squeeze everything in, just to make it in 7 days. If we like it someplace we would like to feel free and stay for a couple of days. Having the pass gives you flexibility and yo…
  • We are returning back to Tokyo and flying out of Narita.