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SUICO versus PASMO - which is better to use or buy?

Which of these ICs will you recommend for first time visitor in Japan? Which one is highly used? Also, if I buy one of these cards from you, will I get the 500yen refund at the airport?



  • Hi,
    You can see all the info on the cards here:
    It really doesn't matter which one you buy - though Pasmo has no refund charge. Be aware though that there is no real savings in using one - it's just more convenient than carrying a bunch of coins. You can only get the refund in Japan - and it won't be 500 yen - it will be whatever balance you have, plus the 500 yen, minus any refund charge.
    If you're spending 2-3 days in Tokyo, a subway pass makes more sense and can in fact save you money.

    Good luck.
  • Hi, we will be in Tokyo (Ginza, Mt. Fuji, etc.) for 7 days. So, I'm thinking that a Suico or PASMO card might help us. My friends and I will also use it when we arrive at the airport going to our lodging in Shinjuku. Yes, we understand that there is no savings and this is just for convenience or making our subway/bus/rail ride faster.

    Thank you for the info.
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