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14 Days visit to Japan

Hi. We are traveling to Japan for 14 nights 15 days. Arriving in Osaka, will stay there for 3 nights. We will take a day trip to Hiroshima from here. Then we move on to Kyoto for 2 nights. 2 nights in Utsannobiya and 1 night in Nikko, followed by 6 nights in Tokyo. From Tokyo we take day trips to Yokohama and Disneyland. Which pass would be suitable for us? And will this pass cover all our 14 days travel including transfers from Haneda Airport?


  • Hi,
    Well if you're in Japan for 15 days then you can't use a 14 day pass for all those days. As far as I can tell, you might be close to the break even point for the 14 day pass, but a little short.
    That said, you'd get better value using a 7 day pass for the Hiroshima trip, then going up to Nikko and down to Tokyo.
    To get from KIX into Osaka, you could use the Icoca & Haruka discount ticket.
    There is a good discount off of the Haruka train into Osaka, and you can use the IC card to get around once in the cities.

    Alternatively while in Tokyo there's a good 3 day subway pass.

    There are also some subway and Haneda train combo tickets.
    You really should take a day and see Nara as well. It has some of Japan's best sights.

    You can see previews of some of the best places to see in Japan on:
  • Hello, Malz!

    One thing that's important to know about rail passes in Japan is that you don't expect all your travel needs to be covered by a single solution. Any JR Pass that you decide to obtain should grant you the bulk of your intended savings for city-to-city travel.

    In your case, the only real travel legwork that you need to do includes your travel window starting from the Hiroshima day-trip until the day you return to Tokyo from Nikko. It comes to only 6-7 days under your current plans.

    Therefore, I recommend purchasing a 7-day JR Pass for the best savings. For the rest of your days there's not much to say without having more detailed plans, but getting around the cities of Osaka and Tokyo/Yokohama certainly doesn't require you to be under a pass.
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