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Hello everyone! New to the site, but this looks like it's going to be quite helpful. :)

My fiancee and I are arriving in Tokyo on December 16th, and leaving December 23rd. We're planning on staying in Tokyo, and traveling around the city for most of the time, but on the 22nd we plan to go to the Zao Fox Village, and I'm trying to decide if the Japan Rail Pass is the most efficient way for us to get around the city, and travel.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi,
    The Japan Rail Pass is not the one you want - it would not pay off. But if you are using the JR East Tohoku Area Pass, and also using it to get in and out of Tokyo from Narita, it would pay off.

    The problem is getting to the village from Shiroishizao Station. If you are willing to take a 25 minute taxi ride (approx ¥4500), then no problem. Otherwise, there are infrequent buses Tue & Fri only and you'd have to overnight there the day before you go in order to catch the morning bus.

    The village is closed on Wednesdays. If you haven't seen their official page yet, it is at
    The village is not enough to fill up a full day. But Shiroishi has some historical buildings and a castle, and Sendai is only 15 minutes away by bullet train. Daylight hours will be the shortest of the year, but you can return after sunset when it's dark to save time.
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