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Hi We'll be arriving in Tokyo on the 7th of Feb. and stay in Akihabara for 1 night. The next day (Feb 8) we will be traveling to Kawaguchi and visit Fuji-q highlands stay there for 1 night and travel back to Tokyo on the 9th of Feb. Visit Disney SEA on the 10th of Feb and take a flight to Sapporro on the 11th of Feb. We will be staying in Hokkaido for 3 nights and fly back to Tokyo at the 14th of Feb stay in tokyo for another night and Fly back to Manila on the 15th of Feb. Just wanted to ask for your advice. Should we get the 7day JRpass the 4day flexible JRpass or we just go with the regular train tickets? Which is more cost efficient? Thank you!


  • Hi,
    You are not really going anywhere that helps with a rail pass. A Hokkaido Rail Pass might help but it depends on where you are going. It generally takes a good amount of travel to make a Hokkaido Rail Pass pay off.
    You could use www.hyperdia.com to calculate fares and see if one is worth it.
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