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JR Wide Pass to get from Tokyo to Matsumoto

is the JR Shinano limited express train from Nagano to Matsumoto included on the JR Wide Pass? I'm pretty sure it's covered on the East Pass (Nagano-Niigata), but I'm hoping to only buy a 3 day pass.


  • Hi,
    First, I presume you mean the Tokyo Wide Pass.
    As you can see on the coverage map, it's only valid up to Sakudaira. You can ride the bullet train to there on the Tokyo Wide Pass, then pay the fare from Sakudaira to Nagano - either to the conductor when he walks by, or at the station when you arrive at Nagano.
    The fare to Nagano would be ¥2810 (unreserved adult seat) and the fare from Nagano to Matsumoto would be ¥2320 (unreserved adult seat).
    Total for your plans would be ¥10260 + the Tokyo Wide Pass (¥10000)
    so ¥20260 - while the JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass is just ¥17000.
    So you'd save more money if you got the JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass.
    Anything else you use the JR East pass for would add to your savings as well.

    You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia.

    Best regards.
  • wow, thanks! That was really helpful!

    Do you know if it is possible to go from Ueda (Bessho Onsen) to Matsumoto without going up to Nagano? I've heard there is a bus that takes an hour but I can't find any info about it anywhere.

  • There is one page where you can do it:
    One adult is 2000 yen (round trip 3500 yen), takes an hour from Bessho Onsen to Matsumoto Castle, and leaves Bessho at 10:30 AM.
    If you opt for this, I'd verify it as soon as you get to Bessho Onsen to make sure it is still up to date.

    This page has more helpful info:
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