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Totally different question around Takaragawa onsen

Thanks for helping me with the previous question.
I was thinking about switching the order of places to visit so I don't go back and forth on the same line.
I discovered Takaragawa onsen which is amazing.
Does the JRail pass cover going from Minakami station to Nagano? We would maybe go that way and end up in Kyoto, then Onomichi and Hiroshima prefecture places, and for the end be in Hakone area. We were thinking originally of starting in Hakone, going from Tokyo (without activating the JRail pass) but then I realized we would be going back up that same route on the way back. Takaragawa Onsen looks breath taking and accommodation is cheaper than in Hakone so I thought it could be added.
Could travel be difficult in the second week of March due to snow?


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