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JR Pass and Nighter Train


I would like to ask if I should allocate time for the nighter train.

Let's assume that on the 7th night, I took the nighter train. Effectively, I would reach my destination on the 8th morning. Will JR pass be valid for me to exit the checkpoint on 8th morning, without paying anymore?

Thank you.


  • Hi Weng,

    It is a very good question you are asking here.

    To take a nighter train, you have to pay extra fee if you want to sleep in a private or shared compartment. If you do not want pay extra fees, seats and carpet seats are covered by Japan Rail Pass.

    The Japan Rail Pass is avalaible seven days after its validation only. As the JR agents verify the validity of your pass when you reach the destination too, they demand you to pay extra fee for this 8th days.

    I am sorry, but the end of validity of your 7 days JR Pass is at the seventh day, 11:59 pm.

    If you have any other question, please do not hesitate. :)
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