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Which pass to buy

Osaka 27/3-31/3, Kyoto 31/3-3/4, Kanazawa 3/4-5/4, Takayama 5/4-7/4, Hakone 7/4/-8/4, Tokyo 8/4/-12/4,
Total 17 days but just 5 trips .Please help


  • Hi,
    With a one way plan like yours, you really don't make any full JR Pass pay off. Perhaps with a side trip just before going to Kanazawa or after arriving in Tokyo, you might barely break even.
    You can try this calculator at:

    For Hakone though, you can go up to Odawara, and then you can buy a Hakone Free Pass.
    The Loop Course is a common way to see all the sights and takes a full day.

    You also might look at the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass.
    It covers a large part of your plans.
  • I have a Hakone pass covered by local guide thank you

    If I buy point to point tickets for the rest of my journey, I am worried if I can pre purchase them and if I will need to reserve a seat and also for the time I spend in Osaka and Tokyo if I need to catch a train around the suburbs.

    I look forward to your help as I am a little confused.
    When I went to Europe I pre purchased point to point tickets and thought I would also be able to do the same in Japan. Not sure how busy they get and like to know times I can catch the train as my accomodation is already booked.
    Thank you in anticipation
  • You are not traveling during a peak travel season like New Year's or Golden Week, so you should not have any problem. You can go into any JR office and buy tickets ahead of time if you wish. You can use Hyperdia to check schedules, however this requires you to religiously stick to a schedule. You can get reserved seats at an extra cost, or use the unreserved seats for a lesser total fare.
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