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Which pass is recommended?


Me & my mom will be arriving in Japan for the 1st time on April 5th, and we will stay for 10 days. My 1st question is, if we order a pass today, will we have enough time to receive it before our trip (we are in NYC)?

My 2nd question is, what kind of pass would you suggest for our tentative itinerary below?

April 5th: Haneda Airport (our plane arrives at 2:25pm) to Tokyo (Ginza)
April 6th & 7th: Full-day sightseeing around Tokyo (this would probably require a Tokyo metro pass, but asking just in case)
April 8th: Day trip to Yokohama from Tokyo (roundtrip)
April 9th: Day trip to Kamakura (roundtrip)
April 10th: Tokyo to Hakone (where we'll stay overnight)
April 10th: Sightseeing around Hakone (including Ropeway and cruise around Lake Ashi)
April 11th: Hakone to Kyoto (including half-day sightseeing around Kyoto)
April 12th: Full-day sightseeing around Kyoto
April 13th: Day trip to Nara from Kyoto (roundtrip)
April 14th: Day trip to Hiroshima from Kyoto (roundtrip)
April 15th: Kyoto to Haneda Airport

Thank you very much in advance!


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